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The Korean baseball team Hanwha has been shaking up the game for the past week, winning eight straight games for the first time in 18 years.

From rookie Moon Hyun-bin, to Lee Do-yoon in the second team, to Lee Jin-young, who was transferred last year.

The surprise performances of these unexpected players are giving the team tremendous momentum.

Kim Soo-geun is a reporter.

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It started with Lee Jin-young.

With the game tied, he ran from first base to home on Kim In-hwan’s double.

He turned the game around with an exquisite sliding score that avoided the catcher’s tag.

From that day on, Hanwha’s winning streak began. 토토사이트추천

He even hit a decisive two-run homer against KT on a rainy day.

Not only was the situation that led to the come-from-behind victory, but also his swinging motion became a hot topic.

His skills, which hadn’t really blossomed since joining KIA, started to really shine two years after he moved to Hanwha.

[Lee Jin-young/Hanwha]
“I’m so happy just to be able to play in the first team, and I think I’m even happier because I’m a Hanwha Eagle.”

Former youth national team captain Moon Hyun-bin also contributed to the winning streak with a lakebed save.

While his split-second judgment prevented a run, he also showed plenty of promise in the middle infield.

With his three home runs last month and sprinting speed reminiscent of his role model Yang Joon-hyuk, he is the only Hanwha rookie to hold down a spot in the first team from the opening game.

[Moon Hyun-bin/Hanwha]
“I think every moment and every game is a chance, so I kept working hard and doing my best, and I think that’s why I’m here.”

Nine years into his career, Lee Do-yoon is faithfully filling the void left by Ha Joo-seok at shortstop.

He has won the admiration of the fans with his competitive spirit and his defense that erases hit balls.

[Lee Do-yoon/Hanhwa]
“It feels good to just go out there and play every day, whether I’m good or not, and I think the best thing is that I can help the team with my defense or baserunning.”

The three players have a combined salary of 130 million won this year, and while they weren’t even guaranteed playing time before the start of the season, they are now integral to Hanwha’s rise.

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