As if to help Max Scherzer (New York Mets), who was suspended for 10 games after being ejected during the game for using a foreign substance, a T-shirt with ‘sweat’ and ‘rosin’ written on it. Appeared in the Mets Clubhouse.

Scherzer started the match against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 20th (Korean time), but was ejected by the referee before the start of the 4th inning. The reason was the use of ‘foreign substances’.

At the time, Scherzer had been pointed out several times by referee Phil Kerr. According to local media outlets, after the second inning, Scherzer told the chief referee, “Your hands are too sticky, so you need to wash them,” and after the third inning, he ordered a glove replacement. The problem started when he entered defense in the 4th inning. 스포츠토토

While on the mound in the bottom of the fourth inning, Scherzer was tested again. Here, both hands and gloves were sticky, and Scherzer was ejected. Enraged by the referee’s decision, Scherzer protested fiercely, saying, “It was because of the sweat and rosin at the time,” and even manager Buck Showalter kicked out of the dugout and confronted the referee. However, there was no overturning of the ruling that he was sent off.

The Major League Secretariat revealed its intention to strengthen foreign substances alone prior to this season, and it has been communicated to the players. Scherzer claimed after the match that he “could swear on kids”. And Scherzer looked set to appeal the foreign substance use ejection, but he didn’t budge. The reason was because he knew that the results would not change even if he did.

Scherzer explained the reason, saying, “I thought that if I appealed, a neutral arbitrator would come forward. In the end, Scherzer decided to drop the appeal and accept a 10-game suspension.

With Scherzer waiving his appeal, the foreign substance controversy seemed to be over. However, it seems that a ‘spoken protest’ has begun. The Associated Press reported on the 26th, “Before the Washington Nationals and New York series, a T-shirt with ‘sweat and rosin’ written on it appeared in the Mets clubhouse.” One of the T-shirts with “Sweat” and “Rosin” on it lay next to Scherzer’s locker.

It is not known who made or produced the T-shirt.

However, ‘The Associated Press ‘ reported that the New York Mets made the suspension of Max Scherzer a message in the fashion world. “I don’t know who made that t-shirt or how it got into the clubhouse. “I’m not involved in the T-shirt crackdown,” he said, “but it might be necessary.”

Meanwhile, Scherzer, who is serving a 10-game suspension, is likely to start against the Atlanta Braves on May 2.

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