Yeom is known for his meticulousness – sometimes to the point where he’s injured himself.

With LG in sole possession of first place in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), the manager has released a sneak peek at his blueprint for the second half of the season. First up is the pitching schedule for Plutko, LG’s number one starter this season.

On Plutko, Yeom said, “Plutko will start tomorrow and the last game of the season. If he gets pushed back a day due to rain, he’ll pitch the next day and we’ll take him off the disabled list and give him at least 12 days of rest. He’s been throwing too much. In the second half, Kelly and Lim Chan-gyu will go out first, and then Plutko will come in 메이저놀이터.”

Plutko is the backbone of LG. He’s our number one starter in the postseason. The intention is to take care of him from now on.

As for Lee Jae-won, he has already foreshadowed his move to Futures. “Lee Jae-won needs to train a little more. She needs to play in the second team to get a feel for the game and then come up and play in the first team game. He will play for the Futures in the second half. While Lee Jae-won is down, Song Chan-ui will come up and get another chance.” LG is currently down Kim Min-seong and needs a replacement. In that sense, Song fits the bill.

Finally, Kim Min-sung will be out of action for at least four weeks. He was sent to the rehabilitation unit today. “It’s a muscle injury in the anterior left thigh. They said they could manage it, but I couldn’t because of my age. I went out a lot. I went out as much as the previous week. He died a long death,” praising Kim Min-sung’s performance and worrying about his absence.

Currently, the LG Twins’ hot topic is Kim Min-sung’s injury. Of course, they have Shin Min-jae, but the injury of Kim Min-sung, who played like an alto while backing up the second baseman and shortstop, is a big deal for LG. Coach Yeom Kyung-yup said, “Son Ho-young has to do it. Son Ho-young and Jeong Ju-hyun should cover for him.”

As for Seo Gun-chang, he said that he still needs more time, so there are no plans to call him up right now.

Right now, the LG Twins are a bit off pace with their hitters, but that’s not a major concern.

The only concern is the starting pitching. Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho are out of the lineup, and Kelly is not doing well. Manager Yoon Kyung-yeop is countering this with a ‘beehive mound’. Most of the potential players are getting a chance to start in the first team.

On July 9 against Lotte, LG’s first-round pick from two years ago, Cho Won-tae, will start.

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