It is unclear whether Manchester United will be sold in its entirety.

The British media’Daily Mail’ reported on the 22nd, “It is questionable whether the Glazer family wants to sell the entire Manchester United.”

“The Glazers may hand over a minority stake to a party that has recently shown interest in taking over Manchester United,” he added. 안전놀이터

“This move means that the Glazer family can still play an absolute role in Manchester United’s stake,” he said.

The American capital, the Glazer family, bought Manchester United in 2005. They’ve been cruising with consistent results, but are facing criticism after the glory days with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Despite frequent manager changes, the performance is below expectations, and the voice of the Glazer family’s resignation continues.

Fans could not calm down their anger at the incomprehensible performance in the transfer market and the worst performance, and continued rallying protests shouting ‘glazer out’.

Eventually, Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, announced the sale in November. However, the action is different.

The Glazer family seems to have set a direction for handing over a small stake rather than selling the whole.

We hear the collapse of United fans who want the team to be reformed through an outright sale.

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