Chairman Daniel Levy did not open his mouth.

Tottenham Hotspur are in big trouble. Director Fabio Paratici’s punishment has been extended worldwide. Paratici, who was involved in accounting manipulation during his Juventus days, received a suspension from his duties from the Italian Football Association (FIGC), and the International Football Federation (FIFA) decided to expand this punishment worldwide. FIFA’s decision has prevented Paratici from working outside of Italy. In other words, it is a story that even in Tottenham, he will not be able to perform his current job as general manager.

Tottenham were stunned. In response to FIFA’s sudden decision, Tottenham said on its official website, “The club made an urgent inquiry to FIFA after the decision was reported. “We are asking for further explanation from FIFA about the difference with the club. Neither the club nor Paratici’s general manager were aware of this, and we will update you with additional news as soon as possible.”

The club was shocked, but President Levy didn’t say anything. The British’The Athletic’ said, “Despite the current situation with Tottenham, Tottenham remains silent. They did not say anything until the club’s statement came out. In the meantime, fans have wondered why Paratic, who was disciplined, is still paying money from the club. “I was working after receiving a .

The media also explained that the ultimate responsibility for this situation lies with Chairman Levy. He emphasized that it was President Levy who appointed Paratic leader, and even though it was decided that Paratic leader should be disciplined, it was Levy who let him continue his duties.

‘The Athletic’ strongly criticized Levy’s handling, saying, “There is no excuse this time. Tottenham didn’t have to do this. This is a clear blow to the image of the club and team.” 토토사이트

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