VAR referee Lee Mason, who took Arsenal’s points away from Arsenal-Brentford due to a VAR error, was eventually expelled from the Professional Refereeing Organization (PGMOL).

The British Daily Mail reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Lee Mason, who took away Arsenal’s points by mistake, is leaving PGMOL by mutual consent,” and “now he is not active in the Premier League.”

In the Arsenal-Brentford match held at Arsenal home on the 12th, Mason made the worst mistake of not drawing the line in the offside scene.

Arsenal, who were leading 1-0, conceded an equalizer to Ivan Toni. When watching the slow scene, the position of Christian Noegor, who passed the pass to Tony, seemed offside, but Mason did not draw the line and judged that there was no problem, and recognized it as Brentford’s goal. 메이저사이트

Arsenal, who only gained one point out of three due to a mistake, were understandably furious. After the game, manager Mikel Arteta said, “Looking at it again, it was obviously offside. I hope for more accurate cameras and decisions. It has already happened and the goal has been recognized. We lost the point.”

PGMOL was also quick to admit its mistake.

Chris Foy of PGMOL insisted that it was an obvious refereeing mistake, saying, “It was a human error, not a VAR. If the line had been drawn, it would have been judged as offside.” I will do it,” he apologized after holding an emergency meeting.

Afterwards, coach Arteta expressed his anger, saying, “I am grateful for the apology. But the fact that two points are gone does not change. I think we will be satisfied if we give back the points we lost.”

In the end, the points lost by Arsenal did not return, but it was concluded that the referee in question was expelled.

The Daily Mail said, “Mason was already scheduled not to be assigned to a Premier League match this weekend. But now he is not officiating a Premier League match completely.” I worked as a referee, but I ended up leaving the Premier League.”

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