The era when baseball existed only as baseball is over. Fans want a tighter team and a richer story. The Hanwha Eagles do not hesitate to take steps to reflect such needs.

The Hanwha Eagles underwent a reorganization after the end of last season. This organizational reorganization, which was the second since CEO Park Chan-hyeok took office, is a company-wide front-end reorganization centered on the recruitment of a general manager and strength-enhancing coordinator. The scope of appointments, etc. has been expanded.

Breaking away from the position system based on seniority and position-based bold personnel based on competency and performance, the club’s first two assistant manager-level team leaders were born. Deputy manager Minhyuk Jung, who was the head of the scouting part in the operation sector, was promoted to the head of the scouting team, and Assistant Manager Seo Woo-ri, who was the head of the digital marketing part in the support sector, took over as the head of the digital marketing team.

In particular, the promotion of team leader Seo Woo-ri, who is in charge of the official YouTube channel ‘Eagles TV’, is a representative example of what value the team, Hanwha Eagles, is paying attention to and putting strength into. With this promotion, team leader Seo Woo-ri has earned the title of Hanwha Eagles’ first female team leader and youngest team leader.

Eagles TV, a pleasant paradox It

is often said that ‘grades are the best marketing’. The ranking of a team and the number of spectators are mostly proportional, and if the team performs well, royalties naturally follow. Conversely, it is said that it is difficult to expect such loyalty if grades are not good.

But Eagles TV’s growth over the past year cheerfully refutes that proposition. In 2022, Hanwha ranked last after 2020 and 2021, but in 2022, the number of subscribers and views of the Eagles TV channel showed growth. Annual views increased by 92% compared to 2021. This is an example of marketing winning over the handicap of grades.

메이저사이트 One of the secrets is the recruitment of experts. 2022 was the first year to fully internalize the Eagles TV workforce. Hanwha Eagles, which conducted filming and production with external partners until 2020, hired all of these personnel as employees over two years to improve the quality of content.

Seo Woo-ri, team leader, said, “Since the players who are the target of content are not professional broadcasters, we judged that the level of understanding and intimacy of the production team had a direct impact on the content. To do this, I saw the need to internalize the production workforce.”

Team leader Seo added, “The CEO and the general manager have been interested in digital content since they were coordinators, and there were many opportunities to discuss these situations. In a way, this was possible with the company’s support.” .

The will of organizational reorganization The

club highly praised team leader Seo Woo-ri’s achievements in digital fan communication. However, team leader Seo Woo-ri said, “You said it well, but the reason I became the team leader is thanks to the principle that the most important job in the current company should be done by someone who can do it well.”

Team leader Seo said, “Last year was the first season after the spread of Corona 19, and there was still a sense of distance from the fans, and there was a judgment that efforts were needed to narrow this distance. Rather than being the team leader because I was very good,

Team leader Seo Woo-ri expressed that the rebuilding Hanwha Eagles are passing through a period where they need to gain sympathy and consent from fans. Team Leader Seo said, “In fact, if it’s a year that challenges the presidency with the power that everyone admits, there is no need to talk much. But we need a process of persuasion and understanding, so the company considers the communication part important. You seem to be doing it,” he said.

Freedom to constantly try

Eagles TV’s content is well received by fans of other teams as well as Hanwha Eagles fans for its innovative planning and high quality. Seo Woo-ri, team leader, said, “We have a lot of autonomy. In particular, the boss thinks that digital content becomes less fun the more you start getting involved, so he tends to ask us a lot about our thoughts and let us do what we want to do.” background was given.

This year, we plan to try several things of Eagles TV. Recently, a new content called ‘Dantokbang’ (director’s talk broadcast) was introduced in which leader Hyuk Sohn appeared and told the story of the team. This content, featuring Son dressed in a hooded T-shirt and humorous atmosphere, was one of Eagles TV’s “great challenges” and has been set as a regular task.

In addition, after passing through the series ‘Ya Jin-nam (a man who is serious about baseball)’, he is presenting ‘Heung Seon-so (Introduction to Heung-han players)’ as a spin-off of ‘Ya Jin-nam’ considering the composition of a team with relatively short careers. . ‘Heung Seon-so’, in which Yoo Sang-bin in the first episode and Yoon San-heum in the second, were the main characters, is also planning to continue the series.

Seo Woo-ri, team leader, also announced plans to expand real-time broadcasting. Team leader Seo said, “I think one of the most important roles of the club’s channel is to show the game. The same goes for the contents of the ‘Dantokbang’, and I have a goal to show a lot of essential stories. It will take consultations, but overseas practice matches or Futures League matches. We are preparing to show as many people as possible.”

When asked how he wanted to reach fans, Seo Woo-ri, team leader, said, “When I first took charge of the digital channel, the president once said this.” He said that it is your role to make them live in style, and to keep thinking of the Hanwha Eagles and living in it even during off-game times.”

Team leader Seo said, “I still think that is my biggest mission. I think it is my role to continue to create such fun so that fans can have fun through the Hanwha Eagles and find the driving force of their lives.” told the truth.

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