On the 1st, the KBL 4th round ended. Two trades took place on the same day, which was also the trade deadline.

First, Goyang Carrot and Jeonju KCC carried out a 1:2 trade. Lee Jong-hyun went to KCC, and Park Jae-hyun and Kim Jin-yong headed to Carrot. Excluding Park Jae-hyun, who had already left for Japan, it was actually a one-to-one trade between Lee Jong-hyun and Kim Jin-yong.

In KCC, Lee Seung-hyun is currently suffering from an elbow injury, leaving a huge gap in the team’s under-the-goal strategy. Kim Sang-gyu is holding on, but he is a stretch 4 and his competitiveness under the goal is low. KCC was in need of a big man who could hold out under the goal, and they achieved their goal by acquiring Lee Jong-hyun.

Of course, Lee Jong-hyun’s joining doesn’t mean that he can make a big change right away. Even at Carrot, where his power under the goal was weaker than that of KCC, he was sluggish with 3.3 points and 2.3 rebounds for an average of 13 minutes and 25 seconds in 24 appearances this season. He was able to find his past in a few matches, but was beaten by Choi Hyun-min, an undersized big man.

From KCC’s point of view, just having a big man who can stand on the court is a big help. If Lee Jong-hyun endures well until Lee Seung-hyun returns, that alone is a trade that will satisfy him.

Carrot has quite a few big men in the same style as Kim Jin-yong. Players with poor BQ but good athleticism already exist. Representatively, there is Park Jin-cheol. Of course, Kim Jin-yong can throw a mid-range jumper unlike them. Not sure how much this will help. Kim Jin-yong has not played in a single game except for the D-League this season.

Seoul Samsung and Seoul SK made a 1:1 trade. Jeon Jeon went to SK, and Kim Seung-won went to Samsung. This trade doesn’t look like it’ll make much of a difference either. However, Samsung got a card that can scratch the itch like KCC.

It is Samsung that all big men such as Lee Won-seok and Jo Woo-sung left due to injuries. Jang Min-guk, Cha Min-seok, and Kim Han-sol are playing substitute cards, but they are sluggish. Joining Kim Seung-won is a positive part in terms of reinforcing the power under the goal. 메이저사이트

Kim Seung-won played 4 games in the 2022-23 season, recording 1.0 points and 2.8 rebounds for an average of 11 minutes and 28 seconds. With Choi Bu-kyung and Choi Jun-yong going back and forth in the 4th position, they did not get a chance to play. But Samsung is different. He can become the starting big man right away. Maybe this is a great opportunity.

On the other hand, it is necessary to calculate that SK, which is rich in advanced resources, won Jeon Jun-jun. Jeon Jeon is a short guard, but he has excellent shooting skills. Of course, the sense of the game has fallen. He played 8 games this season, playing an average of 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

There was no big change in the team’s power and no big deal that would shake the league game. With this, the time for the final power reinforcement for the ranking competition is over. Now, these are the 10 KBL teams that have to fight until the end with only what they have.

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