Can Hanwha Eagles pitcher Yoon San-heum (24) play his part as the team’s winning team 안전놀이터 in the 2023 season?

Yoon San-heum was one of the most noteworthy players on the team mound last year. Like Tim Lincecum, who won the National League Cy Young Award for two consecutive years (2008-2009) in the major leagues, he threw a fastball in the mid-to-late 140 km/h speed with a dynamic pitching form and received a lot of attention.

His performance last season was 37 games, 3 holds, 33⅔ innings, ERA 2.67, 46 strikeouts, the lowest ERA and most strikeouts among pitchers who threw 30 or more innings on the team. As the good pitch continued, Yoon San-heum’s baseball life with many twists and turns was naturally illuminated.

Yoon San-heum joined the Doosan Bears in 2019 and was released after the 2020 season. The sadness also went straight through the independent baseball team Scorebone Hyenas and joined Hanwha in June 2021, wearing a professional uniform once again. At the time, Hanwha explained the background of the recruitment, saying, “Yoon San-heum is a pitcher with the potential and competitiveness to use a fast ball of up to 145 km/h through efforts such as pitching form adjustment.”

Yoon San-heum proved that Hanwha’s choice was not wrong. He pitched vigorously on the mound, and showed off his outstanding skills to the point of taking the first team’s Pilseungjo as he stepped up. In particular, regardless of whether there was a runner or not, he always saved the team from a crisis with constant pitching.

Regarding Sanheum Yoon’s growth in early August, Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “Sanheum Yoon’s pitching was impressive. There were many cases where I faced the opponent’s center batting line, and I accomplished my mission each time.”

Yoon San-heum has been in the first team for the longest time since his debut last year, but he has not been able to play the full season. As he has grown step by step, he is expected to aim for a full-time first team appearance this year.

What kind of pitching will Yoon San-heum, who grows little by little every year, show this year? Yoon San-heum’s romantic baseball, which is like a drama, is still in progress.

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