LCK Spring ended with the cherry blossoms that bloomed splendidly.

Looking at the records of the regular season excluding the playoffs, who is the ‘best player’ in the 2023 LCK Spring?

In this ‘LCK from record’ (basic LCK) article, we are going to look at the top sole (top liner).

  • KDA

KDA was divided into ‘number of deaths’ rather than kills/assists.

The strongest player in KDA was Kim Ki-in (4.07), the founder of KT Rolster. Gein showed a stable record of the least death among liners (1.5).

Second place went to Kanna Kim Chang-dong (4) of D+ Kia. Kanna also has a stable record of 2nd in least death (1.6) among liners.

3rd place T1’s Zeus Choi Woo-je (3.74) ranked 1st in average kills (3) and tied for 2nd in assists (4.1), but his number of deaths (1.9) was slightly high, so he swallowed regret.

Meanwhile, apart from this, the 1st place in assists was Doran Choi Hyeon-joon (5.7) of ‘Team Game’s Gen.G Esports’.

  • DPM and gold-damage conversion rate

DPM ranked first was Kanna. Kanna assaulted the opponent with an overwhelming force of 570 damage (per minute).

Second was Zeus. Zeus overpowered his opponent with 553 damage, and through this, he vomited his spirit to rise to the top of the kill.

Third place was also Doran (516), who ranked first in the assist category.

In terms of efficiency, gold-to-damage conversion rate, Zeus came out on top. With an efficiency of 154.9%, Zeus widened a large gap with the second-place group, which stayed at 130%.

The second place was Kanna (134.8%), and the third place was the name of Nongshim Red Force’s reliable Park Geun-woo (131.4%).

  • Line Battle Ability

In the line battle ability index, the 15-minute gold and EXP difference (hereinafter the 15-minute difference), solo kill, and first blood were considered.

The first place by 15 minutes was Zeus (622G/273XP). Zeus overwhelms his opponent with 622 gold and 273 XP.

The 2nd place was Kiin (434G/376XP), which widened the balanced gap between gold and experience, and proved that the opponent could not even stand in line.

Third place was Doran (301G/171XP).

The first solo kill was Zeus (19 times), tied for second place with Burdol-Rascal (16 times), and fourth place was Gein (13 times).

A First Blood indicator that gives an indirect glimpse of the early engagement composition and control ability. Especially in the top line, ganking and solo killing were more frequent than other lines, so it was more than just an auxiliary indicator explaining the ‘early gap’. 카지노

1st place was Giin. Gein created First Blood with a 20.9% chance, and died with only a 9.3% chance.

Second place was Zeus (18.6%, 9.3%), and third place was Doran (18.6%/14%).

However, unlike the 1st and 2nd places where there was no disagreement, the 3rd place had room for disagreement. Depending on the data correction method, candidates such as Kanna (17.5%/12.5%) and Kingen Hwang Seong-hoon of Hanwha Life Insurance (17.8%, 13.3%) were also sufficiently qualified for third place. This paper put more emphasis on aggression.

  • As a result of the final ranking calculation considering six indicators (total 600 points), including overall KDA-DPM-conversion rate-solo kill-first blood-15 minute difference, the best player was Zeus (578 points).

Zeus ranked first in three indicators (conversion rate – solo kill – 15 minute difference, 100 points each), and had a solid season with the lowest point among the indicators being 89 points (First Blood). The remaining two indicators were KDA (92) and DPM (97).

The second place was Kiin (528). Gein ranked first in two indicators (KDA-First Blood), and achieved results such as 15 minute difference (97), conversion rate (81), DPM (82), and solo kill (68).

However, due to the gap created through the laning composition, Kiin had no choice but to enter after suffering losses in the early DPM and solo kill fields. The fact that it was not possible to reflect this except for the ’15 minute difference’, which greatly outpaced the opponent in both gold and XP, while denying the opponent, remained a regret in the calculation method itself.

Third place was Kanna (497). Kanna ranked first in DPM, recording indicators such as KDA98), conversion rate (87), solo kill (53), first blood (77), and 15 minute difference (82).

Doran rose to 4th place (486) by a short distance, and the gap widened somewhat from 5th place (Rascal, 406).

Below is the performance chart of the top 10 players.

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